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brad compton

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rj compton

Founder -CEO -Instructor
Founder - COO - Instructor

Brad and RJ have been married for over 20 years and have raised 3 boys. They are both US Navy Veterans who proudly served their country. Their passion is to help people protect themselves and their families from danger. They have worked and trained clients across the country providing safe firearm training that prepares people for the real world.


In March of 2016, they formed Compton Combat Arms (CCA), a firearm training company that made training safe and personalized. They traveled across the country teaching and sharing their passion. CCA became Rezilyent after their very livelihood was threatened when Brad was diagnosed with stage 3 thymoma cancer. The company had to be completely put on hold while Brad fought the disease. They had to not only rely on their faith in God for a full recovery, but also realized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Rezilyent is now a culmination of three basic fundamentals that Brad and RJ have identified as the most important. Faith, fitness, and firearms.  


Therezilyent membership was created as an extension of Rezilyent Training LLC to provide our clients consistent training at an affordable price. Members have direct access to Certified Firearm Instructors whose focus is creating a safe environment to train real-world senarios. Our training varies from very basic to advanced tactical shooting designed for every level of experience. As a Member, you look at our calendar, choose an available day, tell us what you want to do on that day then we book it. You get the freedom to choose your training and who attends. Best part, if you get 5 other Members to join you, then you get your training for FREE!


Presently, the majority of our training is at Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club (CFRPC), a beautiful 35+ acre outdoor facility where we enjoy the ability to utilize pistol, rifle, and shotgun ranges. We are family ran and our members are our family.



First and foremost, we are not your run of the mill, mom and pop type firearm training company. We are not here just to take your money. You work hard to make it so we work hard to earn it. We don't believe in practice makes perfect, we believe PERFECT practice makes perfect. Secondly, this company is US Veteran owned and operated. We like everything organized and use our experience and training to provide realistic, real world training to our clients. We are not the "tacticool" group you see at the range geared up for a zombie apocalypse. Our focus is primarily self-defense. While competition has it's place, our passion is to create shooters who are trained to make responsible, quick life saving decisions while using their surroundings to fight and survive. We are not a one stop CCW shop, we are where you go for continued training. We make people hard to kill.

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